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Dr.John N. Hawkins

Honor the Memory of Dr. John N. Hawkins (1944-2020) Association for Taiwan Educational Review. 2022,11(2), page 199-203

Report of the International Workshop ”A Comparative Study of University Governance, Institutional Leaders and Leadership in East Asia and the Pacific” 2018.02.24

Lingnan University organises international symposium to discuss the implications of globalisation on higher education

The HEAD Foundation:Chinese Education Models in the Global Age: What have we learned?


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Taiwan Education at the Crossroad

Taiwan Education at the Crossroad examines the processes of schooling in Taiwan amidst the social, cultural, economic, and political conflicts resulting from local and global dilemmas and issues. The book opens with an introductory chapter detailing the recent world-wide phenomenon in education, i.e. globalization and localization, followed by parts one through five to showcase the different perspectives of Taiwan's education. Collectively these sections offer a panoramic and in-depth glimpse from the past to the future of educational trends in Taiwan, and the ongoing educational exchanges with China and the world