Research Papers and Publications

“Strategic Pricing Behavior under Asset Value Maximization,” Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 58(2), June 2010, 151-170. (with Kyle Stiegert and Tirtha Dhar)
“Structural Change and Market Power in the U.S. Food Manufacturing Sector,” Agribusiness, 25(2), Spring 2009, 164-180. (with Kyle Stiegert and Richard Rogers)
“Strategic Behavior under Asset Value Maximization -- An Empirical Assessment of the U.S. Retail Margarine and Butter Markets.” Dissertation abstract in recognition of AAEA Outstanding Dissertation Award. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 87(5), November 2005, p 1338.
Buyer Market Power and Vertically Differentiated Retailers,” Working Paper, 2010. (with Christian Rojas and Nathalie Lavoie)
“Semi-Collusive Market Outcomes: Theory and Evidence,” Working Paper, 2007. (with Tirtha Dhar and Kyle Stiegert)
Market Value Maximization through Strategic Delegation,” Working Paper, 2008. (with Kyle Stiegert)
Market Value Maximization, Advertising, and Endogenous Risk Control,” Working Paper, 2006. (with Kyle Stiegert)
“Strategic Forward Contracting between Upstream and Downstream Firms,” Working Paper, 2008.
“Managerial and Entrepreneurial Firms in Mixed Duopoly,” Working Paper, 2008.
“Oligopolistic Considerations of the Special Safeguard Mechanism,” Working Paper, 2007. (with Kyle Stiegert and Shinichi Taya)
“Incentive-Compatible Vote Buying in Public Elections,” Working Paper, 2006. (with Lawrence J. Lau and Ho-Mou Wu)

Research in Progress

“Buyer Market Power and Product Differentiation”
“Sequential Estimation of Dynamic Games in the U.S. food Sector”
“Strategic Behavior of State Trading Enterprises in Mixed Duopoly”
Countervailing Power of Multi-Product Retailer