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Chen-yuan Tung , Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor

Graduate Institute of Development Studies

College of Social Sciences, National Chengchi University

Add: 64, Zhi-Nan Road, Sec. 2, Wenshan, Taipei, 11605, TAIWAN

Tel: 886-2-2938-7291
Fax: 886-2-2234-0056


visits since September 1, 2006.



Chen-yuan Tung is distinguished professor at the Graduate Institute of Development Studies, National Chengchi University ( Taiwan ), and director of the Center for Prediction Markets, National Chengchi University ( Taiwan ).

He received his Ph.D. degree majoring in international affairs from the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University . He was vice chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council, Executive Yuan, Republic of China (Taiwan), from September 2006 to May 2008.

His expertise focuses on international political economy, Chinese economic development, Taiwan-U.S.-China trilateral relations, and prediction markets.

His published books include Cross-Strait Economic Relations in the Era of Globalization (2003, in Chinese) and Cross-Strait Economic Relations in the Era of Globalization: China’s Leverage and Taiwan’s Vulnerability (2008) and The East Asian Economic Integration Regime and Taiwan’s Strategy (2009, in Chinese). His edited book includes Renminbi Exchange Rate: Economic and Strategic Analysis (2004, in Chinese). His book chapters include Challenges in the Era of Hu Jingtao (2002, in Chinese), The Globalization of the Chinese Economy (2002),
Future China: Degenerative Totalitarianism (2004, in Chinese), China Today (2005), China as the World Factory (2006), and Presidential Politics in Taiwan: The Administration of Chen Shui-bian (2008).



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