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American Journal of Distance Education, The
Table of Contents

Bibliography on Chat Communication

Bibliography of Electronically Available Sources: MOOs, MUDs, MUCKs, and MUSHs

CMC (Computer-Mediated Communication) Magazine
May be of particular interest --
Fanderclai, T. L (1995). MUDs in Education: New environments, new pedagogies

CMC books

Cybersociology Magazine
A non-profit multi-disciplinary webzine dedicated to the critical
discussion of the internet, cyberspace, cyberculture and life online.
Issue Two: Virtual Communities 20 November, 1997

Distance Education: An International Journal
Table of Contents

E-Learning Knowledge Base by North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL)

Elearningpost: Corporate Learning, Community Building, Instructional Design, Knowledge Management, Personalization and more -- An article by Nichani, dated October 2001, has a discussion on the social aspects of communities of practice. It is at

Electronic Journal of Communication, The
Full text search:
Editor: Susan C. Herring
Volume 9 Number 1 1999

Human Communication Research
Table of Contents and Abstracts

Haynes, C.& Holmevik, J. R. (1998). High wired: On the design, use, and theory of educational MOOs. University of Michigan Press.

Information Society: An International Journal (online)

Interpersonal Computing and Technology Journal
The journal's focus is on computer-mediated communication, and the
pedagogical issues surrounding the use of computers and technology in
educational settings.

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Home (online)
Title Index
May be of interest:
Mateas, M., & Lewis, S. (1996). A MOO-based virtual training environment.
Journal of Computer Mediated-Communication [On-line], 2 (3). Available:

Journal of Distance Education
Table of Contents and abstracts

Journal of Interactive Learning Research (JILR)

Journal of Interactive Media in Education -- You can see peer commentary at the end of each article. Quite interesting.

Journal of Online Behavior

Journal of Virtual Environments, The
(used to be “Journal of MUD Research”) (online)

Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments (online) (Associated with Lingual MOO).

Reading Online (online)
Many articles related to educational technology use, particularly in K-12 settings.

Technical Communication Quarterly
publishes theoretical and pedagogical articles that cover “a range of
writing topics, including pedagogy, rhetoric, linguistics, organizational
communication, business/industrial communication, intercultural
communication, text design, graphics, audience analysis, and software and
hardware issues as they pertain to technical communication.”

Technology Source, The
Published by Michigan Virtual University
“is to provide thoughtful, illuminating articles that will assist educators as they face the challenge of integrating information technology tools into teaching and into managing educational organizations”

Writing and Composition: An International Journal for Teachers of Writing (online)
keyword search:

Online Community Links

A comprehensive list on self-efficacy

Synchronous Computer Mediated Communication Resource Site

Virtual Learning Environments

(These are just some of the virtual environments that are out there, of course.)

Tapped In (for teachers)

SchMOOze University (for ESL/EFL students)

Active Worlds (3D)- InterZone University (for ESL/EFL)

MOOSE Crossing (for children)
Bruckman, Amy. (1997). MOOSE Crossing: Construction, Community, and Learning in a Networked Virtual World for Kids. PhD Dissertation, MIT Media Lab.

Connections (for writing teachers)
The Netoric Project with Connections

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