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How do you learn English

1、 英文怎麼學才好?Self-Study Strategies

2、 網路英語學習資源 Self-Study Materials


Research Methods & Tools

How to get started with IT research?

Research-related Articles from Tomorrow's Professor Listserv

Methods in Behavioral Research

An online statistics refresher course available

Bill Trochim's Center for Social Research Methods

Ethics Guidelines for Research in Cyberspace from the Association of Internet Researchers

Resources for Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research in Information Systems

Qualitative Research Report

Focus Group Methodology in Education: Some Theoretical and Practical Considerations
By Amanda Williams and Larry Katz University of Calgary

Solomon, David J. (2001). Conducting Web-based surveys. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 7(19). Available online:

On-Line & Off-Line Survey Instruments: Motivation, Cognitive Styles,

Learning Styles,
and Learning Strategies (Information source: TESLCA-L September 25, 2001)


Software Packages for Qualitative Studies

AnSWR, a text data analysis software package developed by the CDC.
Available for free downloading at

IU's bibliography software page

Search Engines & Online Libraries

How to find the right search engine?

Bamboo -- A digest (database) of English language education and applied linguistics research from Asia

TELENEX database

AAAEFL: The Resource for Students and Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

全國圖書書目資訊網 EBInet


CIJE Source Journal Database (Including ERIC)

The Internet Public Library

Scirusa: free search engine that locates scientific information on the Internet

Get Cited

Internet Search Tools


Networking on the Network
by Phil Agre


Writer's Workshop of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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